Thermal Surveying


Acticell offers an inexpensive and simple way to reduce costs and production downtime, aswell as increase plant/factory reliability, increase employee safety and to effectively plan shutdown periods.


Thermal Surveys are mainly carried out in Industrial Environments – Annually, Bi-Annually or every Three Months – as required – under normal working conditions, while the equipment/plant is running, therefore reducing any unnecessary downtime. Thermal Surveys are a reliable, effective way of detecting problem areas within Businesses with Mechanical and Electrical Installations (i.e. Distribution Boards, Control Panels and Machinery). The use of Thermal Imaging / Condition Monitoring allows maintenance to be scheduled, or other actions to be taken to avoid the consequences of failure, before the failure occurs.

A Thermal Survey Report, including thermal images and digital images of the associated ‘hot spots’ or ‘hot connections’ is submitted to the Customer with a ‘Fault Description’ and ‘Possible Cause’ explanation, which will allow for your Maintenance Manager or Site Electrician to take immediate action to schedule a
maintenance period or to procure any spares that may be required.


  1. Thermal Surveying increases the safety for you and your employees by reducing the chance of being exposed to faulty electrical equipment. It further reduces the chances of having an electrical fire by finding abnormal Hot Spots or Hot Connections before they develop into a serious hazard.
  2. Production Breakdowns/Equipment failure can be avoided and money saved by early detection of electrical
    abnormalities – by having a Thermal Surveying carried out.
  3. Further reduce costs by being able to remedy faults before complete failure occurs. In the case of an electric motor, an unbalanced load due to poor connections at the main isolator can result in the failure of the motor as well as the piece of equipment causing the fault.
  4. Possibly reduce insurance costs by furnishing a detailed survey report to your insurance company showing that regular electrical and mechanical, thermograph surveys are carried out.
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